Thawra .  ثورة

Arabic for Revolution

Frames from Ala Bali Ana by Sulta x.


the block party

The Block Party is a mid-week party in Beirut. The brief was to create a brand that would speak to University kids and would create a street party feel, a hangout spot.

With a loose hip hop infused illustration style. Boxy typography (left logo) alluding to the street art aesthetic.

event artworks for facebook and instagram 2017-2018

elements for video add-ons

flags for venue

at the block party

GIF’s used  in artworks

Logo series


SADA / ص ض

The project is an identity for a fictional progressive record label called “SADA /ص ض” which means “Echo” in arabic, having its own brand identity.

SADA offers events for Lebanese musicians and designers to meet, interact and create. Each event focuses on a specific issue that is prominent in Beirut (Voyeurism, Friction, Ephemera).
Event 1 |  Voyeurism | Poster Series

Event 1 |  Voyeurism | Ticket Series

Event 1 |  Voyeurism | Accordion Pamphlet

Event 1 |  Voyeurism | Vinyl Artwork 

Event 2 |  Friction | Poster Series 

Event 2 |  Friction | Intervention Simulation


aub outdoors 17’

AUB Outdoors is a student run festival that has been running since 1980, with more than 23,000 attendees making it the biggest event in Lebanon hosted at The American University of Beirut. The theme for 2017 was Alien Invasion. The brief called to create two different identites one for the corporate side of outdoors and the second for the actual theme.

Corporate Identity 

Theme Identity | Logo adaptation

Theme Identity | Festival Badges

Theme Identity | Festival Tickets (day 1&2 + VIP) 

Theme Identity | Main Poster

Theme Identity | Foldable Brochure + Map

Theme Identity | Stickers

On ground

Theme Identity | Mascot

Theme Identity | Social Media Campaign


Monello is an up-and-coming techno DJ from Berlin. ‘Monello’ meaning ‘rascal’ in Italian requested a fun, playful identity and image to mimick his groovy and summery DJ style. 

 Social media campaign

Facebook & Soundcloud 

Social Media Icons