Sada was completed in my Final Year Project in
my Graphic Design Bachelors program.

I created an identity for a fictional progressive record label called “SADA /ص ض”
which means “Echo” in arabic.

The identity focuses on Beirut’s chaotic essence, voyeuristic nature, and patchwork like structure. These themes resulted in a chatoic colorful identity that aims to mock the post civil-war mentality of the country.

Poster Series

Ticket Series


Event Pamphlet

Cover Art + Pamphlet

Poster Series | Friction

Street Intervention

I completed a year long internship at in 2019 until 2020 where I was mentored in illustration by the world’s top artists.

I was put on design jobs mainly related to character design, in creating style frames for animations and social media posts and instagram filters.

Clients include Facebook, Hulu, Instagram, Apple and Fox Animation.

Style frames


Cycle of Life | illustrations

Facebook Portal Host | Character Design

Women’s day 2020 | illustration

Hulu airport animation | Character Design

Buck Social | Batman Day

The Block Party is a mid-week party in Beirut. The brief was to create a brand that would speak to University kids and would create a street party feel and a laid-back hangout spot. Branding was created in 2017.

With a loose hip hop infused illustration style. Boxy typography alluding to street
art aesthetic.

event artworks for facebook and instagram 2017-2018

Flag Designs

at The Block Party

Elements for Video Add-ons